An Online Survey Creator For Academics: A Review

Online surveys have become a necessary tool for handling academic research nowadays. A question that arises is which online survey maker should you choose to provide data for your academic paper. This article will give you a detailed and clear insight into one of the survey creators called and it’s features.
Numerous students and learners have trouble choosing an online survey creator because they simply do not know what to look for. Meaning, what sort of a survey creator would meet their needs and from which features will their research benefit the most? Students and scholars do not have much time to investigate on pros and cons of various survey makers or, to say, to study their characteristics. Features to which you should pay attention when choosing an online survey maker for educational purposes are listed below.

Easy to use In ability to create online questionnaires and surveys is important for busy and often absentminded students and educators. Quick creation and design without any knowledge in programming and web development is a benefit that cannot be overseen. Easy to follow directions help learners to quickly share and embed their online survey with a private URL link in social media or on a website, send it in email or through SMS. The URL is automatically created as soon as you finish creating your survey. Sending an online survey through the link saves time. You can just forward it to your target group to receive the feedback you need.

Simple and descriptive interface contributes to easier navigation. Thus, facilitating the whole process, from creating an online survey and reaching the respondents to analyzing the answers and creating graphs and reports.

A large number of respondents In order for your survey to be successful, you have to reach as many people as possible. It is always an issue for survey creators to find the needed number of participants. solved this problem by offering his clients to use the possibility of answering other surveys to get respondents. You can earn credits by participating in other surveys. Reversely, other users will support you with their answers due to their own interest in receiving credits. It can be both useful and interesting. Quid pro-quo-a service for a service. You will get the answers you need in the easiest way possible and that is by filling out other surveys on the platform. You will earn your answers. The number of responses largely depends on the design and ease of completing a survey. The equation is very simple; the easier it is to fill out the questionnaire or a survey, the more people/respondents will do it. We all know well that we give up on completing a poll if it is unclear or boring. The goal of the survey maker should be to provide a great experience for both survey creators and respondents. If you do not want to be a participant, you can always purchase additional credits to promote your survey and get more respondents. Promoted surveys always have a high conversion rate, which facilitates work for students, teachers and academic institutions.

Free version

It is a well-known fact that students and teachers do not have a large budget for their research. That is why it suits them to use a free version of a survey creator. The problem is when that free version is much worse than the paid one. It is not the case with This survey maker is made especially for learners, teachers, schools, and universities. It is adapted for their academic use and satisfies most of their needs. This survey creator is based on the experiences of students and lecturers to be adapted to their needs and use. If you would like to filter your respondents, you can get a premium package for just 0.2 Eur/answer. Which is still an affordable price for a precise and well-designed survey.

A complete presentation of results

Clear data analysis is also very important for every kind of research. Also, it is important that you have real-time results. Results can be seen as graphs and charts, which is very useful for creating reports and infographics. Furthermore, charts can be presented as bars, pies or donuts. Users can also get the results in the data tables. Such a wide range of result presentations serves students and academics to create detailed presentations of their surveys. For even broader use of analysis, survey results can be further exported in Excel format. Besides creating graphs and charts, reporting dashboard also classifies results and compare them in real time. So, you can monitor changes during the survey process. Thus, you can change questions to make them more appealing to participants and more accurate for the given topic.

Design your own survey

With you can be creative and design your own survey in a short time. You can choose between various question forms such are a single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, single text box, comment box or matrix. Likert scale can be presented in a matrix grid so you do not have to repeat it after each item such as the case with some other survey creators. You can create as many questions and surveys as you wish. Also, you can fully customize the look of your survey to suits your academic needs. You will get honest feedback, stats and leads, everything in real time analytics. You can view and inspect all of the results in real time which saves time and is less frustrating. Everything is done in the quickest way possible not to spend much time of those who have much better ways to spend it by learning and preparing. Everything is done in the quickest way possible not to spend much time of those who have much better ways to spend it by learning and preparing. Everything is done in the quickest way possible not to spend much time of those who have much better ways to spend it by learning and preparing.

Dora Immune Plant Elicitor Harpin Protein Product

Dora Agri is the professional supplier and exporter of Harpin Protein based products (plant elicitor of disease resistance) for sale with five years of export experience. Our primary market is Central & South America, and Western Europe cooperated with powerful distributors.

Dora Immune is our exclusive Harpin Protein based plant health regulators. This product contains Harpin and other natural organic matters. Usually, it acted as a plant health promoter activates a plant’s immune system, which triggers growth and defence genes.

When Dora Immune contacts with plants’ receptors on their seeds, roots, and leaves, it will trigger an early warning system — “Systemic Acquired Resistance,” leading to increased plant yields and health.

Target Crops: Economic crops such as cannabis, tobacco, Asparagus, avocado, mango, grape, citrus, blueberry, kiwi, apple, grape, plum, cherry, blueberry, avocado, nectarine etc.

If you have the need to buy harpin protein product, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and whatsApp us.

Mechanism of Harpin Protein

As the diagram shows, Dora Immune works by stimulating the plant to grow under the general effects of stress and one of those stresses is fungal attack.

Harpin itself does not directly affect the pathogens, nor does it enter the plant, rather it binds to receptors on the plant leaf and thereby triggers physiological processes within the plant.

Features of Harpin Protein

1. Increases plant yield and quality
2. Improves nutrients uptake ability
3. Help crop defend against plant diseases
4. Extend fruits shelf-life 5-7 days
5. Increase fruit sugars 10%-25%
6. Increase calcium uptake by>20%

Specification of Harpin Protein
Product Name: Dora Immune Ingredients: Harpin Protein Appearance: Brown Liquid pH: 6.0-7.0 Density: 1.14g/ml Shelf Life: 2 years

Application of Harpin Protein
1.Induce Crops to Prevent Diseases Dora Immune is an environmentally-friendly elicitor of disease resistance. It can induce 70 kinds of disease resistance, the prevention rate & control effect of the disease is from 40%-80%.
2. Increase Plant Immunity Stimulate crop strong repairing ability to the diseases caused by many types of adverse environmental damage. Especially for post-disaster recovery of crops, quickly promote crops’ regeneration. Restore growth and development capacity. Greatly reduce the losses caused by disasters.
3. Stimulate Plant Growth Promote plant growth and development, self-repair, nutrient absorption and transportation, and achieve high quality and high yield, significantly increase crops yield and quality can increase crop yield by 10-55%.

How to use Harpin Protein
1. Foliar Application 125 ml Dora Immune per 100 L water. In general, apply 3-5 times during the germination period, seedling stage, flowering period and the last week before maturing.
2. Seed Soaking Soak your seeds or tubers in a Dora Immune concentrated solution which diluted 1000 times. It is allowed to dissolve it into the solution for at least 30 minutes, shake, then soak your seeds or tubers for 10 minutes before sowing.
3. Mixture
1. Dora Immune can be mixed with other products(PH 6~7), and should be used within 2-6 hours after being formulated.

2. Use within 1 hour once mixed with products containing heavy metal ions, because the heavy metal ions can adsorb the harpin protein, thus impact it contacting with plant receptors.

4 Strategies to Improve Online Marketing Results

Many businesses that are just starting or have recently grown have limited capital and resources, particularly where it concerns marketing. Budgets for marketing are often small, so it is vital that marketing strategies be cost-effective and beneficial to the company’s bottom line. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to achieve results with a limited budget, saving businesses money and generating leads.
Digital marketing has also been shown to increase conversion rates, potentially doubling revenue if done strategically. There are many opportunities for growth, which is why it is crucial that business owners focus on improving online exposure. This can be done in several ways, including:

-Revamping promoting strategies

-Hiring a digital promoting agency

-Maximising use of promoting channels

-Creating strategic content

1 – Revamp Marketing Strategies

When it comes to online marketing Mornington Peninsula businesses often fall into the trap of using the same marketing strategies over and over again, getting similar results each time. While this can be good for your business if your results are steadily improving, you can end up wasting money and getting the same results from each campaign. The digital world evolves constantly, which means your online promoting strategies should as well. Take a look at what you are currently doing and try something new to improve your results.

2 – Hire a Marketing Agency

It takes in-depth knowledge, skill, and experience to successfully implement or revamp digital marketing strategies. In-house employees may be up to the task, but it is they have the expertise of individuals that have the ability to focus entirely on digital marketing. Hiring a digital marketing agency gives you access to experts that can generate high quality and original content, curate marketing to your niche, manage data and analytics, maintain social media efforts, and engage with your audience online.

3 – Maximise Use of Marketing Channels

To get the greatest results from online marketing Mornington Peninsula business owners should maximise their use of digital marketing channels. Optimise your website for mobile devices, which are highly prevalent throughout the world. Along with mobile optimisation, enhance local outreach by optimising SEO content. Maintain fresh content on your social media channels and keep an eye on up and coming social channels, which can give you the advantage you need.

4 – Create Strategic Content

Your content strategy should be the main focus of your online marketing campaign. Ordinary content will not be enough – you have to outshine the competition by creating epic content that interests your target audience and encourages engagement. By posting content that your audience will love and interact with, you can increase traffic, gain more readers, attract page views, and get more visitors and shares.

Your business can benefit greatly from making some changes to your digital strategy. The ways outlined above, which include revamping your strategy and creating amazing content, are just a few of the ways you can improve results from online market. You can learn even more by speaking with a professional and getting an expert analysis of your marketing campaigns.

Create Brand Awareness with Ad Films

Advertisements are the significant key for any kind of business to publicize its product. It is one of the powerful promotional tools which to enhance product awareness to the targeted customers of the business. An advertisement is one of the major promotional tools research has proven that ad films occupy the highest of all other media of advertising.
There are many ad film production companies who promise to produce an attractive ad film for your products or services. Experts also help in advertising your product in the specified channel reaching the targeted customers. Attractive ad film alone does not serve the purpose. Telecasting the ad film during the peak hours in the respective TV channel adds to the mark.

The patronized and award-winning creativity is one of the reasons for companies to prevail and establish themselves with their image in this industry. There are stupendous ad film maker who not only has a national image but also a well- established international image for their expertise. They carry the pride in possessing one of the successful teams of expert people.

They are known for their excellent service relating to bringing complete brand awareness for your products and services at a very large level. Most of the ad films will not be vague rather it throws the exact message which has to be conveyed in a simple but in a very attractive way. These companies make sure that the film is informatory and interesting.

In today’s competitive environment where the availability of a product category is numerous under different brands, establishing yourself is very significant as it is not a monopoly market. These companies ensure that you and your brand reach the targeted customer thus accelerating sales leading to revenue accumulation. There are various styles of ad filmmaking.

Apart from ad films they also extend the services for corporate in producing films for induction programs which depict the vision and mission of the organization and be an excellent motivational factor for the budding employees. The work ethics are being appreciated for years for the excellent dedication towards work understanding the clients’ needs.

The services to corporate are huge and helping the organizations on the following for corporate services like documentary films, training films, short films, motion graphic films, company profile, branding films, event collaterals, felicitation film, trade show film, promotional film, staff induction film, celebration film, corporate presentations, internal communication films, product demo films, etc.

As promotional based activities, these companies do more of broadcasting via promos. These are very short videos ranging from 1 to 2 minutes displaying the product with its usage and features. The services on broadcasting are the production of sitcoms, multi-camera coverage, web designing, motion graphics, documentaries, and films, Bollywood program contents, features, etc.

The ad films are made for broadcasting on TV, radio, internet, mobiles, web, etc. The compactions vary according to the mode of media being used for broadcasting. With the success, these companies have reached the international markets also. Advertise your products and services using the services of these companies.