An Online Survey Creator For Academics: A Review

Online surveys have become a necessary tool for handling academic research nowadays. A question that arises is which online survey maker should you choose to provide data for your academic paper. This article will give you a detailed and clear insight into one of the survey creators called and it’s features.
Numerous students and learners have trouble choosing an online survey creator because they simply do not know what to look for. Meaning, what sort of a survey creator would meet their needs and from which features will their research benefit the most? Students and scholars do not have much time to investigate on pros and cons of various survey makers or, to say, to study their characteristics. Features to which you should pay attention when choosing an online survey maker for educational purposes are listed below.

Easy to use In ability to create online questionnaires and surveys is important for busy and often absentminded students and educators. Quick creation and design without any knowledge in programming and web development is a benefit that cannot be overseen. Easy to follow directions help learners to quickly share and embed their online survey with a private URL link in social media or on a website, send it in email or through SMS. The URL is automatically created as soon as you finish creating your survey. Sending an online survey through the link saves time. You can just forward it to your target group to receive the feedback you need.

Simple and descriptive interface contributes to easier navigation. Thus, facilitating the whole process, from creating an online survey and reaching the respondents to analyzing the answers and creating graphs and reports.

A large number of respondents In order for your survey to be successful, you have to reach as many people as possible. It is always an issue for survey creators to find the needed number of participants. solved this problem by offering his clients to use the possibility of answering other surveys to get respondents. You can earn credits by participating in other surveys. Reversely, other users will support you with their answers due to their own interest in receiving credits. It can be both useful and interesting. Quid pro-quo-a service for a service. You will get the answers you need in the easiest way possible and that is by filling out other surveys on the platform. You will earn your answers. The number of responses largely depends on the design and ease of completing a survey. The equation is very simple; the easier it is to fill out the questionnaire or a survey, the more people/respondents will do it. We all know well that we give up on completing a poll if it is unclear or boring. The goal of the survey maker should be to provide a great experience for both survey creators and respondents. If you do not want to be a participant, you can always purchase additional credits to promote your survey and get more respondents. Promoted surveys always have a high conversion rate, which facilitates work for students, teachers and academic institutions.

Free version

It is a well-known fact that students and teachers do not have a large budget for their research. That is why it suits them to use a free version of a survey creator. The problem is when that free version is much worse than the paid one. It is not the case with This survey maker is made especially for learners, teachers, schools, and universities. It is adapted for their academic use and satisfies most of their needs. This survey creator is based on the experiences of students and lecturers to be adapted to their needs and use. If you would like to filter your respondents, you can get a premium package for just 0.2 Eur/answer. Which is still an affordable price for a precise and well-designed survey.

A complete presentation of results

Clear data analysis is also very important for every kind of research. Also, it is important that you have real-time results. Results can be seen as graphs and charts, which is very useful for creating reports and infographics. Furthermore, charts can be presented as bars, pies or donuts. Users can also get the results in the data tables. Such a wide range of result presentations serves students and academics to create detailed presentations of their surveys. For even broader use of analysis, survey results can be further exported in Excel format. Besides creating graphs and charts, reporting dashboard also classifies results and compare them in real time. So, you can monitor changes during the survey process. Thus, you can change questions to make them more appealing to participants and more accurate for the given topic.

Design your own survey

With you can be creative and design your own survey in a short time. You can choose between various question forms such are a single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, single text box, comment box or matrix. Likert scale can be presented in a matrix grid so you do not have to repeat it after each item such as the case with some other survey creators. You can create as many questions and surveys as you wish. Also, you can fully customize the look of your survey to suits your academic needs. You will get honest feedback, stats and leads, everything in real time analytics. You can view and inspect all of the results in real time which saves time and is less frustrating. Everything is done in the quickest way possible not to spend much time of those who have much better ways to spend it by learning and preparing. Everything is done in the quickest way possible not to spend much time of those who have much better ways to spend it by learning and preparing. Everything is done in the quickest way possible not to spend much time of those who have much better ways to spend it by learning and preparing.